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  • Advance orchestration analysis videos
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$4.00 Semibreve Level
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Hello Patreon!
I’m Thomas Goss. If you’re reading this page, I hope it’s because you’re passionate about your work as a creative musician. You may already know about the Orchestration Online community on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and its mission to foster the development of resources, training, and creative alliances for the first generation of internet composers.

What you may not know is that hundreds of videos, orchestration tips, and an ongoing series of Massive Open Online Orchestration Courses were all made possible by the supporters in this Patreon group. Without their generous assistance, access to free online content about orchestration would be far smaller than it is today. As their assistance has grown, so has the level of information and education that I've been able to offer: both publicly to all community members, and privately to my select group of Patreon supporters.

As enormously helpful as this support has been, I feel that there is even more that I could be offering my community through increased support here on Patreon. My plans over the next several years involve additional courses, orchestration analysis series, and international travel to make further projects possible which are impossible to organise from my home in New Zealand.

So I respectfully invite you to join in supporting the Orchestration Online channel and community through Patreon. Not only will your assistance help me to reach out to thousands of composers all over the world; but it will also give you access to many exclusive resources here on the Patreon feed.

Patreon supporters receive:
• Evaluations of your orchestral scores
• Personal training/detailed evaluations in our periodic MOOOC Courses
• Discounts to freebies (see support levels) on my books and video orchestration courses
• Links to videos weeks to months in advance of public release
• Exclusive resources, including score analysis studies of major works
• Previews of works-in-progress from upcoming books and video orchestration courses

See the support levels listed in the column on the right for further information. It would be great to include you as a supporter here on Patreon.


So how much does everything cost per month?
A. Simply calculate your level of support X the three videos I release monthly. For instance, a Minim Level support pledges $2.00 per video, which adds up to $6.00 per month.

Q. I can only afford a certain amount every month. How do I keep from going over that?
A. You can set a maximum donation level through Patreon, which will keep your support from exceeding any amount you choose.

Q. Will there be more than three videos per month?
A. Yes, but I won’t ask patrons to fund more than three.

Q. I only joined for the Orchestration Challenge. When should I change my level of support?
A. Please support for a full month at the level of your challenge entry following the end of the Challenge.

Q. I have to downgrade my level of support or drop out. Will you be mad at me?
A. Never. I'm honoured to have been supported by you. Come and go as you please, unless we're in the middle of a MOOOC or something. Supporters come and go all the time, or raise and lower their support levels frequently, and I never question it. It's not easy being an artist, and I appreciate that fact and your support for however long you're able to provide it.
$700 - reached! per Videos
MOOOC: The Massive Open Online Orchestration Course is coming to Patreon soon. I can make the course work when the support level reaches this amount, and I'd like to launch it in June 2016. With your help, I can offer more premium curriculum.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 395 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 395 exclusive posts

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