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About Amy Cools

Traveling Philosophy / History of Ideas Series brought to you by Ordinary Philosophy

Philosophy, history, and traveling are three of my greatest loves, and I love to share them with you. So from time to time, I explore the lives and ideas of great thinkers through traveling to the places where they lived and worked. I follow in the footsteps of thinkers who are no longer alive, since those who are still telling their own stories. But those who are no longer alive in the body live on in the ideas that they pass on. Here are my tributes to them:

Ordinary Philosophy is dedicated to philosophy in the public square and the history of ideas that change the world

This forum for ideas is founded on the belief that philosophy is an eminently useful endeavor as well as a fascinating and beautiful one, that citizen philosophers and academic philosophers alike share in making it so, and that the legacy of human thought, short of the universe itself, is our most valuable resource.

So why the name Ordinary Philosophy?

The ‘ordinary’ in Ordinary Philosophy means: philosophy and the world of ideas are not only arcane subjects in the exclusive domain of academia.
Philosophy is an ordinary activity, something we do regularly whatever our education, background, or profession, from our homes, workplaces, studies, public spaces, and universities. It’s applicable to ordinary life since it’s about solving the problems we all encounter in the quest to pursue a good, happy, and meaningful one.

It’s about seeking answers to the ‘big questions’ we ask ourselves all the time: ‘What’s the right thing to do?’ ‘What’s a meaningful life, and how can I make mine so?’ ‘What’s the truth of the matter, what does truth mean anyway, and how do I know when I’ve found it?’ ‘What does it mean to have rights?’ ‘How did reality come to be as it is?’, and so on.

It’s also just as much about the ordinary, day-to-day questions: ‘Should I take this job, and will it help fulfill my highest aspirations?’ ‘It is wrong to put my interests first this time, even if it will harm someone else?’ ‘What’s the difference between just talking about other people and malicious gossip?’ ‘Why should I go out of my way to vote?’

And in the end, it’s about living philosophy, about philosophy in the public square and the stories of human thought as it is realized, personified, lived out over time, by scholars, activists, writers, artists, educators, leaders, engaged citizens, and everyone else who loves what’s just, what’s beautiful, and what’s true.

~ Amy M. Cools
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What the Traveling Philosophy / History of Ideas Series project will produce:
A series of essays on the ideas of great thinkers and change agents through history 
- A series of travel accounts of where these greats lived, worked, died, thought, wrote, studied, and rested
- A podcast
- Free educational resources on the O.P. website
- If all goes as planned, a book! Or two, or three...

Primary Goal: $2,500 - To cover airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and advertising for Ordinary Philosophy's Traveling Philosophy / History of Ideas series

Secondary Goal: $1,500 - Monthly wages
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