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About Organeyez

Hello! It's Iris, Founder and Executive Director of Organeyez!

Organeyez is a media and software co-op focused on helping progressive activists and social justice movements be more effective. Help us become a stabilizing and nurturing force within the activist world by becoming a Patron!

Patrons send us money on a monthly basis

Our team is working hard to produce the following
  1. Software applications that help activists, organizations, and movements be more organized, efficient, and sustainable.
  2. Educational graphics and videos for instagram on topics such as organizational sustainability, data collection, digital security, and more
  3. A podcast that interviews activists about their stories and strategies for being effective
  4. Webinars and workshops that teach activists valuable skills and expose them to valuable information. We will be hiring activists and educators to facilitate these workshops!
  5. Research on the needs of activists and the tools & strategies that are proven to be the most effective.
It is possible to create a more equitable and safe society that provides all people with basic human rights and meaningful opportunities. Activists have the power to create this change, but we can only harness our full power once we are effectively organized on a mass level. Organeyez will help activists and movements become more organized, more synergistic, more strategic, more tech savvy, more knowledgeable, and ultimately--more effective.

We believe that by sharing easily digestible educational content (videos, memes, graphics, online webinars, podcast episodes, etc) through social media, we can impact thousands--and one day millions--of activists around the world who are working to create change.

And one day down the road, we would like to create a non-localized Institute that educates and trains activists everywhere.

Where will your money go?
  • software subscriptions: email, podcasting, adobe editing suite, and more
  • marketing services: social media ads
  • human services: compensating workshop facilitators, interns, and the Organeyez team
  • financial services: banking and tax fees 

Benefits of becoming an Organeyez Patron

With your help, we can continue to invest our time, resources, and human capital into helping social justice movements accomplish their large and ambitious goals!

The more financial support we receive, the more content we can provide and the more technologies we can create. But also, the better we can compensate our interns and employees.

Becoming an Organeyez Patron comes with a few benefits
  1. You both directly and indirectly help many different types of social justice causes at once
  2. You help to lift up activists by empowering them with the tools they need to be successful
  3. You get a private patron-only quarterly report that summarizes our organizational developments, achievements, failures, new goals, strategic plans, and upcoming votes. 
  4. You get access to our private patron community where we will share information on the inner workings of our work. In this community you can share your ideas and opinions to help us make decisions.
  5. We will send you a gift at least once a year for the duration of your financial support. Gifts may range from stickers and coupons to t-shirts or mugs. Just make sure to enter your mailing address when you sign up! We hope to improve the quality and value of these gifts over time by partnering with small, local businesses

Thank you for reading my message. I sincerely hope that you join us on this journey in some way or another. For more information, visit our website:


9 of 200 patrons
At 200 patrons donating $10/month or 100 patrons donating $20/month--we will reach our earnings goal.

Reaching our earnings goal by the end of 2019 will allow us to adequately fund our work, especially our workshops where we will be paying facilitators for their time. It will also allow us to compensate our interns and employees just a little bit)

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