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is creating Minecraft maps and datapacks

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Smallest tier, anything is appreciated.  Even a few people donating at this rank is enough to upgrade our server specs, and boy do we need that.  
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Consider this tier to support our projects and servers

  • Get access to pre-release content
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Financial Advisors

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Purchasing this rank and continuing to pay it on a regular basis is essentially a guaranteed server spec upgrade.  Plus, if you're a part of development or the Launch SMP, you get some say in the decisions we make at Origami Games.
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About Origami Games

Origami Games is game development company that primarily makes Minecraft-related content.

Origami Games was founded by Daniel Orr and Ian McFarlane in early 2019 to house their projects, and now has 10+ members and contributors. The current focus of Origami Games is development of the Launch data pack and the managing of its SMP server for content creators. Launch is a space-themed datapack, an updated version of the mechanics of the popular minecraft map Space Expedition (developed by Caplex OathBros).

Check out the discord server over at https://discord.io/origami

We have some set pledges, but any donations are appreciated - consider making a custom pledge 😁
$0 of $20 per month
$20 means we can upgrade the Launch server! Less lag and more features, such as elemental arrows.
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