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This is how I became a celibate monk musician with 53.000+ friends on StarMaker...
I have been creating music for many years. Wrote my first song on the train to Stavanger, some 35 years ago or so. "In the hour before the dawn, sitting here naked as a prawn" was one of the lines.
I hope my metaphors have improved since then.

I was born in 1966. My life has been spent on being of service to others, paying the personal price for my service, and helping raise three children and one dog.

I have worked with the most marginalised since I was 17. The people who hurt themselves and others. The misfits. The handicapped. The abused. The ones who have asked for help, and have been hurt - and helped - by the system. I have worked with: Autism, Asperger, ADHD, paranoid schizophrenia, anorexia ... the list goes on. Behavioral problems. Young child-abusers. Addicts, drugs and alcohol. Child rapists. Sociopaths. ...

I have despaired at the world. At the evil I have seen the results of.
The young boy, who was first used by his father when four, and when I met him (he was then 8-12), would offer himself to the personell while in the shower. I told my colleague I couldn't assist him. I wasn't tough enough. At 20. 
The young boy who had participated in acts so unspeakable... Who remembered the crunching sound of a face breaking under his shoe.
The young girl, with the face of an angel, who woke with a needle in her arm and a man between her legs, others waiting impatiently, after she had escaped the institution I then worked at.

Now, I am alone. That is, I live with my dog, Cooper Frost, who has worked with me since he was three months. He was born in 2012. (Edit: Cooper Frost died 23.02.20 from cancer of the heart. I am working on his tribute album).

I can't look at others without seeing their possible history. I must be a challenge to be around, because I try to fix people. I am licensed in Tsa Lung (Tibetan energy healing) by Tulku Lama Lobsang, and in song healing, so some of it is quite subtle. But I am also quite confrontational - just ask the company I worked for in my previous life, my family or my bank - and I have no fear. Not of death, not of pain. A little apprehensive when it comes to extremely beautiful girls. But - I am working on it.

Currently, I work 17-18 hours 7 days. I sing on the karaoke app StarMaker. Where else can an old guy like me get to sing with incredible vocalists - some of them so stunning I need to do two takes just to close my mouth? Or sing with people of such deep devotion and strong faith it grips me by the heart and soul?

I also write instrumentals. Sit in what we in Norway call "brown pubs", or in luxury hotels, write songs I publish on SoundCloud. Give them names after people (often girls. Yeah. I like girls. Sorry, gu/ays).

But the life of a man, who has gone from service to living for his passion, is difficult. I have been ignored by the worlds best record labels. I get good feedback on my music, especially my voice (it would be sad if I didn't, considering that I have taken countless lessons, sung in some of Norways elite choirs, and have posted close to 3.000 songs on Smule and StarMaker since June 2018) but likes and <3 doesn't turn into cash.

Please support me❣️

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