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About orion s. johnstone

Until I was 22 years old I was an Evangelical Christian in a way that was deeply homophobic and transphobic and anti-choice (even frequently protesting outside of Planned Parenthood), from a heartspace I understood to be rooted in compassion.

For the past 15 years, I have been out as queer and trans, working as a theatermaker, sex and relationships coach, and lover/fighter for consent culture and QTGNC justice and beyond.

Whenever I have shared my story with people, the most common response I’ve gotten is: “so when are you writing a book?”

With all I have questioned and learned in my transformative journey from shame to celebration around my own queerness, gender, and sexuality, and because of the ever-growing circle of who and what I understand I am accountable to (especially in this current political moment!), my heart is clear that I need to be in ongoing inquiry and practice of articulation of what I have seen and experienced from vastly different vantage points.

The chronic illness I’ve lived with for the past 5 years means I can’t do this without the support of my communities. I’m experimenting with letting my capacity actively shape my process of making work these days, which means:

I’m fundraising to help cover my rent and food costs so I can more ease-fully devote time each week for writing. I wish this kind of support for everybody!

I know I am who I am because of the communities, the stories, the individuals who have shaped me, and I can’t write from my own personal experience pretending that I’m in a vacuum. And the many privileges I carry mean that I am able to take this leap at all and that I’m connected to many people who have more financial means than I do. With that in mind and heart, at least 10% of everything I raise this year will go to the Sexual Liberation Collective, founded by a friend/comrade/hero of mine, Rev. Alba Onofrio.

I’d like to invite you to be in community with me as I write, financially or otherwise, all of which is deeply meaningful to me.

Ways you could participate:

Making a donation of $1, $2, $5, or $10 (or more!) per month through this Patreon page (I'll check in next summer, and/or when I have the support of a book deal, so don't worry about this being indefinite!)

And/or making a larger one time tax deductible donation through my fiscal sponsorship, and/or connecting me to other folks who might be into this

And/or being in ongoing conversation with me as I write
I’m going to share posts with everyone who is supporting me financially, but whether or not a monetary contribution works for you at this time, I’d be thrilled to share those posts with you and grateful to invite your perspectives and feedback.

And/or if you yourself are a published writer of non-fiction and would be willing to have a conversation with me to give me guidance on how best to share this work most generously and widely, I would be so grateful, and I would be happy to work out any kind of mutual exchange that feels right to you. I already have some wonderful counsel in this area, but I’m hungry for more!

Thank you so much for reading, thank you so much for considering walking alongside me as I take this leap!

With Love,

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