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Until I was 22 years old I was an Evangelical Christian in a way that was deeply homophobic and transphobic and anti-choice (even frequently protesting outside of Planned Parenthood), from a heartspace I understood to be rooted in compassion.

For the past 13 years, I have been out as queer and trans, working as a theatermaker, sex and relationships coach, and lover/fighter for consent culture and QTGNC justice and beyond.

Whenever I have shared my story with people, the most common response I’ve gotten is: “so when are you writing a book?”

With all I have questioned and learned in my transformative journey from shame to celebration around my own queerness, gender, and sexuality, and because of the ever-growing circle of who and what I understand I am accountable to (especially in this current political moment!), my heart is clear that I need to finally respond to that question with, “Right Now.”

Though it feels scary to do so, I’m ready to articulate what I’ve seen from vastly different sides of these conversations, and to hold everyone with deep compassion, without compromising my own humanity.

The book, WHOLE SEX, will focus my own story and will also include poems and reflections from other QTGNC individuals. My intention is that this book not only be a gift to my communities (especially others, like me, who have experienced spiritual violence), but also that it might resonate from a place of such deep heart and humility and humanity that it may make it into the hands of those who shop at Christian bookstores and open up more than it closes down in all who encounter it. It will be the first seed I plant of a wider garden of projects dedicated to our collective sexual liberation, which I know is all richly connected to a much much much wider ecosystem of healing and transformation far beyond what I can see or touch.

The chronic illness I’ve lived with for the past 3 years means I can’t do this without the support of my communities. I’m experimenting with letting my capacity actively shape my process of making work these days, which means:

I’m fundraising to help cover my rent and food costs for the coming year so I can devote 1-2 days a week to getting started with the writing of this book.

I know I am who I am because of the communities, the stories, the individuals who have shaped me, and I can’t write from my own personal experience pretending that I’m in a vacuum. And the many privileges I carry mean that I am able to take this leap at all and that I’m connected to many people who have more financial means than I do. With that in mind and heart, at least 10% of everything I raise this year will go to the Sexual Liberation Collective, founded by a friend/comrade/hero of mine, Rev. Alba Onofrio.

I’d like to invite you to be in community with me as I write, financially or otherwise, all of which is deeply meaningful to me.

Ways you could participate:

Making a donation of $1, $2, $5, or $10 (or more!) per month through this Patreon page (I'll check in next summer, and/or when I have the support of a book deal, so don't worry about this being indefinite!)

And/or making a larger one time tax deductible donation through my fiscal sponsorship, and/or connecting me to other folks who might be into this

And/or being in ongoing conversation with me as I write
I’m going to share 1-2 posts a month with everyone who is supporting me financially, but whether or not a monetary contribution works for you at this time, I’d be thrilled to share those posts with you and grateful to invite your perspectives and feedback.

And/or if you yourself are a published writer of non-fiction and would be willing to have a conversation with me to give me guidance on how best to share this work most generously and widely, I would be so grateful, and I would be happy to work out any kind of mutual exchange that feels right to you. I already have some wonderful counsel in this area, but I’m hungry for more!

Thank you so much for reading, thank you so much for considering walking alongside me as I take this leap!

With Love,

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