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So if you want something to work differently in RimWorld as a tiny mod, I can do that for you. Or you just massively support me.
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About Orion

Hey guys,

amazing that you consider supporting me!

As you probably know already I'm the creator of various RimWorld mods (Hospitality, Gastronomy, More Mechanoids, Therapy, One Big Family...). I've been working on these mods since RimWorld Alpha 8 (that was in 2014!) - improving them, updating them, etc. etc.

A large chunk of my free time goes into helping users of my mods with issues they run into and keeping the mods up-to-date. There are uncountable other mods for RimWorld and the odds that one of them will conflict with one of mine are tremendous. I can easily spend half a day trying to find an issue that only happens with one user's specific configuration. Only then I even know if my mods were even part of the problem.

Adding new features to my mods is great, but for every feature, I have to spend days or even weeks testing and tracking down potential incompatibilities. Often at the cost of users whose game breaks because the new feature just happens to conflict with an obscure mod I have never even heard of.

So I have finally decided to take a step towards my big dream: Being able to mod full-time. With every donation, I will be able to spend more time modding RimWorld.

What's in it for you, you may wonder. Well, I'm giving priority support to my patrons on a private Discord server, where you can discuss features, ideas, etc. with me directly. I will also share small (tiny) side projects that will only be available here on Patreon (even if you're not a patron). I also run votes here every now and then and explain updates in more detail. Obviously, you will earn my absolute gratitude, not only for playing my mods but for enabling me to make them, too. Ultimately, this is a thank you from you to me - time I can cut out of my day job to continue modding.

If Patreon is not for you but you still want to support me, then you can also use my PayPal link instead.

So, thanks for checking by. Let me know if you still have questions or just say hi!

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