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Hello there, and a massive THANK YOU for your interest in our mission to keep bringing fans just like you some of the best entertainment that Nerd Culture has to offer.  The Orlando Nerd Fest is a music festival/convention/family reunion that we put together as a celebration of all things Geek.  Our goal is simple, and that is to feature bands, panels, special guests, celebrities, and unique events in the hopes that we can help you, your friends, and your families form those amazing lifetime memories that last you forever.

Our first and foremost desire is obviously to be able to have the festival continue to happen every year.  2014 cost us around $110,000 leading to our recent revamping to bring the budget under a much more manageable amount.  (Don't get me wrong, 2014 was an AMAZING 5 days of over 100 of the coolest and best bands nerd related music can bring you!  WE REGRET NOTHING!! -Chozo)  100% of your support will go directly into making this happen so that we can keep bringing you amazing live performances from your favorite nerd musicians.  We were able to put together ONF 2015 for around $10,000 due to the music and convention community coming together, and a generous offer by the Orlando Science Center to host our event at no charge.

Our ultimate end goal is a little (lot?) bigger, and that is to have the Orlando Nerd Fest be totally self sufficient, and to do that we need to find various ways to make income to cover for our annual expenses.  The first part of the plan here is to put this extra money into purchasing equipment that we can own and use multiple times instead of having to rent it.  This includes things such as sound equipment and lighting, which are both very expensive.  As of writing this Chozo has been able to acquire enough sound equipment to properly power a main stage and is continuously building up our personal inventory.  The system works!

The other part of this plan is to purchase equipment so that we're in charge of supplying our own merchandise instead of having to go to a 3rd party.  Equipment such as T-Shirt Printing machines, 3-D printers, CD and DVD burners and printers, and such.  Once we own our own production line we can even open this up for fans and performers to order their merchandise or other special items.  As of now we're relying on amazing vendors that give us wonderful deals on excellent merchandise, but these things still have expensive costs for labor and materials.  We're hoping that we can eventually curb a lot of the labor fees and lower the costs of our merchandise by getting this all in-house.

A lot of the stuff listed above are things that are currently being either rented or out-sourced, which is very expensive and makes things more difficult as they are required items for the festival to be of a high quality and bring you the best experience possible.  This is not our event, this event exists for you, so we need to make sure that it's the absolute killer experience that you're looking for.

By cutting the costs that we're already paying we can do even more amazing things such as get better equipment, bring on more artists, and overall increase the quality of this already amazing show.

If everyone on our Facebook Page were to donate only $2 a month we could easily fund an event as large as the 5 day long Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 hotel experience, which featured Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, God of War composer Gerard Marino, World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes, Steam Powered Giraffe, Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine, and about 120+ other bands for your enjoyment.  That's only $24 a year, to help us put together the most exciting and outragiously amazing Nerd Culture event of your lifetime.
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This would give us a yearly budget of $12,000 which would help us to get a great headliner and a bunch of really cool bands that need travel expenses covered, as well as a minimal advertising budget.
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