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Every bit of help counts. At this level, you'll be thanked on the air, by either one of the cast, or perhaps by an NPC...
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At this level, backers will receive access to a feed of BONUS CONTENT. This content will include bloopers, bonus episodes (both ORPHEUS and non-ORPHEUS games), Audio episodes of Varcolac Press, and occasional other suprises.

We intend on adding to the ORPHEUS archive a bare minimum of 2 times per month, so that's hours upon hours of content you can't get anywhere else!

Also included at this level:
- On-Air Thank You
Varcolac Press
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At this level, backers gain access to a special channel on the ORPHEUS Discord, where questions are asked (and answered) live during Varcolac Press episodes.

Also at this level, you can submit letters to the ORPHEUS Mail Room, by emailing [email protected] with the subject line "Mail Room: X" where X is your name on Patreon. Ask questions about the show (or anything else), and some character or another will be tasked with responding.

Additionally, backers at this level will have access to ORPHEUS RESTRICTED FILES. These are short sagas of bonus episodes that are fully canonical to the ORPHEUS story (though not required for main plot comprehension) and fully produced with soundtrack and voice effects just as the weekly episodes.

NOTE: We're making too much bonus content. In an effort to entice y'all to this level of investment, we're going to sometimes do a Bonus Content Fire Sale, releasing extra bloopers, Director's Dispatches, Stream-based content, and other bonus features at this level. There will always be 4 releases at $5/month in addition to these.

Also included at this level:
- On-Air Thank You
- ORPHEUS Archive




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The ORPHEUS Protocol is a weekly actual play podcast, featuring intense horror and espionage drama, high production values, and a deep, sprawling narrative. The current campaign is the official beta test of The ORPHEUS Protocol game, a tabletop RPG in development by Varcolac Press.

Follow the adventures of operatives of the enigmatic ORPHEUS Corporation as they seek to locate, contain, and harness occult phenomena around the world. We aim to bring you the highest quality long-form horror Actual Play possible, with a focus on the personal stories of those people caught in the center of a global web of occult conspiracy.
$2,751.46 of $2,800 per month
Bonus Show!

I have line of sight on a bonus actual play project, and this goal will fund its production so that we can share it with everybody!

As we approach the goal, I'll start leaking some details about what to expect.
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