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Orsi B Nagy entrepreneur, business coach, international speaker and founder of Mega Success Expo. As a business coach she has one goal to make businesses run more effectively, freeing up time and earn twice as much. She is very passionate about personal branding and how we can use social media to build up our personal brands.

Orsi believes that continuous learning is the key to success. She always seeks opportunities to continuously expand her business knowledge and experience. Seeing the untapped but easily accessible opportunities - which, among other things, increases the productivity and profits of entrepreneurs - has made her committed to sharing her knowledge in as many places as possible. The last 1.5 years Orsi has been speaking around the world on business conferences and prestigious universities to educate not just business owners but the younger generation how they can create opportunities for themselves, how they can be better in business. She has spoken in several countries in Europe, South Africa and USA.

In 2018 she started her podcast: BizTalk. It is real talk and it gives you real life examples and advices that You can implement or should avoid in your business! Enjoy listening to it!
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When I reach $500 per month, I am going to hire a video editor to release video and video interviews. 
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