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About Oscar S

Hi, my name is Oscar Selstam. I'm an aspiring digital artist from Sweden, working mostly with 3D art and games. I'm currently enrolled in university, studying to become a technical artist in games. My portfolio can be found on www.Oscar.Design

What I make
I make 3D assets, game asset packages and games to publish on Sketchfab, Unity Asset Store and itch.io. Some of my previous work can be found on Sketchfab and on my website.

If you decide to support my work, you'll receive anything I publish during your support, for free. I'll be adding more benefits in the future, such as voting and commissions.

Where does the money go?
Any money I receive from my patrons will go towards living expenses.

Plans for the future
I'd love to stream my work on Twitch, as well as making tutorials for YouTube. As long as people are interested, I'll share as much as I can.