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is creating osFree operating system, and different other OS/2 software
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About osFree project

osFree project, http://osfree.org. , tries to develop an operating system, binary compatible with OS/2. Additionally, it collects existing open source replacements of different OS/2 parts, adapting them for our needs. These constitute the "osFree userland". Except for these, there exist an experimental "osFree OS/2 personality". It tries to implement OS/2 API on top of different kernels, mostly, L4-based kernels. Learn more here: http://osfree.org/doku/en:about.

The working prototype executes over L4/Fiasco microkernel + L4Env, http://www.inf.tu-dresden.de/index.php?node_id=15... Also, there is an ongoing port to Genode OS framework, http://genode.org. There are a number of open source projects we borrowed code from, they are listed here http://osfree.org/doku/en:credits.

We're very enthusiastic about microkernel technologies in OS development. The most promising microkernel project we follow is Genode, http://genode.org. We'd like to use it as a base for our OS. The exciting thing in microkernel OS'es is the possibility to create multiple parallel OS API's on top of the same microkernel. Here we need to mention such a project like IBM Workplace OS (also known as OS/2 Warp, PowerPC edition). It is the first OS which planned to create the OS with multiple personalities. (And it included the DOS, OS/2 and UNIX personalities). Although, this project was prematurely abandoned and withdrawn from the market, it is a first example of a true microkernel OS with multiple personalities, having drivers in userland, etc. So, it contains good practices of using different technologies. So, we reuse many different approaches from it.

Our side activities include some open source OS/2 convenience software, like VirtualBox port to OS/2, OS/2 VirtualBox additions, http://trac.netlabs.org/vbox/, universal OS/2 FAT/FAT32/exFAT driver, http://trac.netlabs.org/fat32/, etc.

The software we develop are all open source projects. We mostly work in our spare time on the project. So, our professional activities also take much time, and not so much remains to work on osFree. Of course, we'd like to spend more time on osFree project. This Patreon page is aimed to aid the project funding, so, we could pay more attention to our project.

We emphasize that our projects were always free software. So, donating money is not a mandatory thing. Instead, you can help the project in many different ways. The most notable ways to support us are 1) Project funding. If you are a company, you could sponsor the project. If you a user, you can make small donations, they will be always appreciated. 2) If you are a developer (especially, familiar with OS/2), you can help us with code. Our manpower is limited, so we always happy to see someone helping. 3) Web developers and web masters can help making our site better. 4) System administrators can help maintaining the project infrastructure. 5) Artists can contribute their artwork. We always miss a good artist in the project. 6) You can help promoting the project. Help us with spreading the word. 7) Good managers can help with commercializing the project. 8) etc. etc.
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