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Hi! If you support my Patreon you will be helping me continue to work for my readers and help up and coming film and video enthusiasts. Through my website OSGFilms.com I have published free books, free tutorials, free materials like after effects assets and more, for free. I want to be able to continue helping people while doing what I love!  I went to Pratt Insitute a prestigious art school for a chance to live the dream but while i make my way up in the world, pay off student loans, i love being a content creator that helps everyone do what they love too. Supporting me means I will be able to grow my website, company, and pursue bigger and better projects! For myself and for my readers to enjoy or learn with.
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I want to catch up with reader requests like publishing more books and artwork, more after effects templates, assets & materials for projects, and especially more videos! Meeting this goal will allow me to produce a series of videos and get those new books out to everyone, everything i publish is free! but it can get expensive on my end. Meeting this funding goal ensures i can meet current requests and current goals in a timely matter plus pursue bigger and better projects.
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