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•  Access to the Content surveys posts, which allows you to have a voice on the future of my mods.

•  Access to Typical Tuesday Suggestions threads, where you can state your idea and expect me to reply!
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About Oskar Potocki

My name is Oskar Potocki and I am a polish freelance graphic designer. As I always aspired to be an artist, like most of the members of my family, I went to an artistic High School in my home town. It was that time that allowed me to realise that my real passion is visual communication and graphic design - especially board game and video game design. As my graduation work I've designed, created and printed a fully playable board game called "The Emperor". That very board game achieved the highest possible grade and was presented on multiple exhibitions across Poland, being one of the best in not only a "designer board game" category, but also the best graduation work of the year 2016.

I always enjoyed creating modifications for games to add my own personal twist to them, however I always try to make it blend in with vanilla style. Being a graphic designer by trade makes it a bit easier, but I'm still learning new things every day.

My general aim with my mods is to expand on the things that the game itself left blank. New creatures, new weapons, new factions and even as complicated things as new map generation, I always pay massive attention to detail in order to leave everything so 'vanilla' that you won't even know it's a mod.

I am the author of popular Vanilla Expanded series which consists of several modules, each expanding on a different theme of the game.

A lot of people have been asking me for a way to donate, so I have decided to finally give something back for all the donations. Patreon is a great platform that allows me to create Patron-only posts, which is a great opportunity to showcase my progress on the mods before they are even released in a form of blog posts.

I have also started producing a series of tutorials to help people with their artistic style in order to make it fit vanilla game perfectly. Patreon will allow me to distribute these tutorials as a thank you to the community.

My girlfriend is always nagging me about modding as it is not a source of income, and instead I should focus on doing actual graphic design work for the clients. We can prove her wrong.
All the money will in some way or another go towards producing more content - whether it's money to buy a bag of coffee beans or money to pay off my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, everything leads to the same outcome - more mods that you, the community, can enjoy.

1,000 - reached! patrons

Once we reach that goal I think I will leave any other place of employment and just become a professional modder!
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