Tanja Osswald is creating sophisticated crochet patterns and #morningart

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  • access to my Patreon Feed, with photos of works in progress, glimpses of my notebooks and other backstage stuff

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Crochet Enthusiast
  • after every 2 months of cleared pledges at this level, you get a pattern of mine of your choice from my Ravelry store
  • when I plan a class in your area...

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Happy Tester
  • You'll be the first to get asked when I start a pattern test!
  • when I plan a class in your area (you define the distance you'd travel), I'll contact you so w...

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Technique Learner
  • every month, a pattern of mine of your choice from my Ravelry store
  • a monthly newsletter with one of my technique tutorials
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Testing Geek
  • Pick one of my projects that you'd like to test and I'll have the pattern ready for your testing within two months. Once the test is done and the pattern is publish...

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Crochet Geek
  • if you ask me a technique question, I'll discuss it with you right away and will make it into a tutorial, a blogpost or some other publication within the next two m...

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  • get one of my books, signed by yours truly (but note: they are all in German) --- or your choice of 5 of my patterns
  • make a design wish for an accessory and I'll...

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Total Crochet Geek
  • a pair of mitts, handmade by me. You choose the pattern and we will discuss the yarn
  • a monthly one-hour Skype session where I'll answer all your croch...