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About Otakubu

Heya, Beyn here~

I'm currently translating Hyaku Ma No Aruji.

I'm currently translating as a hobby, as well as a way for me to improve my Japanese.
Though I do have a job but I would like to be able to make translating my full time job!

I've worked my current schedule around my translations so there shouldn't be any clashes but I'll still experiment a little and figure out the most efficient schedule.

I'm only translating one novel at the moment but I'd love to pick up a few more.
I'll see how this goes and if I can make this my full (or at least semi-full) time job, I'll definitely pick up more novels.

So, here's a summary of the current novel.

Hyaku Ma No Aruji
Merea was summoned to a place called “Sacred Mountain of Lindholm” where spirits gather upon their death. He was called upon using an Otherworldly Grass which found it’s way to his world. The reason for summoning him was to dispel the lingering attachment and/or regrets of a group of heroic spirits from another world.
Brought up as a hero to dispel regrets, the era of the world made him into a demon lord instead.

Thanks for the support~

Current Schedule:
Every Monday & Thursday : On or before 12pm UTC +00:00
$0 of $1 per month
I have finally stepped into the world of an earning adult! (Just a joke, I do have a job already)
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