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OTHER MEN NEED HELP is an award-winning podcast about the emblems, habits and struts in the male performance: how men use them to mask insecurity while quietly seeking connection. With the help of interviews, essays, songs and more than a few silly voices, each episode takes a playful look at men's behavior with a heavy dose of accountability.

Our episodes have coined a phrase for out-of-the-blue contact from a former flame, explored the anxiety of income disparity between partners and bemoaned the lack of icons for brown bad boys. Plus, we may have had a front seat for the match of the century (but you'll just have to listen to Season 3 for an update.)

Over the past two seasons, we've won audience awards, were nominated for a Webby, and popped up on some of your other favorite podcasts, like Family Ghosts, The Gender Knot, and Maskulinity.

But don't just take our word for it! Here's what our listeners think:

"I absolutely love this podcast! It’s so relatable and makes me feel better about my own insecurities as a man. Thank you!"

"Honest, vulnerable, human."

"The world can go to hell in a hand basket. This wonderful podcast by Mark Pagan is a refreshing balm for the weary soul in these times of lunacy."

"Mark's willingness to probe his own past and his thoughtful storytelling are profoundly meaningful to me. This podcast has given me a broader vocabulary for how to talk with other men and it's given me license to reflect on how expectations of masculinity have silently molded my life. I'm grateful to him for his work on the show. It's affected me deeply."

As an independent series, we need to draw on our community to support these timely conversations, delivered with the levity you've grown to love.*

And that's where you come in. As we start production on Season 3, we're looking to rally our supporters to help the show travel to new cities, embed on more complex stories, and create more original songs. So take a look at our perks, including exclusive content, swag, and even personalized advice from the lead Other Man, Mark, and consider becoming our patron!

*Or we hope you've grown to love it. Maybe you just tolerate it. Remember that insecurity thing in the first paragraph? Oh BOY is that real!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release

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