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Welcome to the community for Our Daily Slay, my daily horoscopes for the collective. 

Who am I? I'm Ashleigh D. Jay, an astrologer dedicated to teaching you how to use your unique astrology to your professional and personal advantage.  

Over a year ago, I began writing my interpretations of the day's transits on a post-it. I shared them on social media and they blew up. Many lives have been affected by these posts, and I know mine has. The slays are small and deceptively simple. The challenge of reading them is that you're encouraged (read: forced) to reflect or take action in some way. I am confident you'll be able to take my cosmic insights and revolutionize your reality. 

As a patron, you'll receive daily posts (of course) as well as access to live sessions (think IG Live, Periscope) where I'll go over transits and how to pinpoint them in your own chart. Who knows, I may surprise you (and myself) with additional exclusive content. 

For now, if you love #OurDailySlay, then please consider becoming a patron. Thanks! 
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