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Every 50 new patrons, we aim to build and release a new feature to everyone.

One of the main advantages of supporting us is that you can ask for new features and we will do our best to get it in to the site.

  • You can ask for new features in the Patreon Community section of our page, if other patreons like the idea too, we'll implement it as quickly as we can
  • You will be keeping the website free for everyone
  • We can add food items much more quickly with your support
  • New features will get pushed in to development much more quickly
  • We will be forever thankful!

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We're an outdoor couple who love food and outdoor adventures and we're building a database of outdoor and sports foods that you can compare using the food discovery tool at www.outdoorfood.club/food

It's a web app which is a growing catalogue of sports and outdoor foods from all the major supermarkets, online retailers, big outdoor brands and small sports food manufacturers.

Just imagine being able to filter, search, sort and compare all the sports foods at Amazon, Walmart, or compare the entire Quest Protein Bar range against smaller cottage industry protein and energy bar manufacturers. 

What Features Will You Get By Supporting Us

On the food discovery tool you will get access to 2 filtering options and 12 nutrition data columns to sort at the launch of the website.
  • The food discovery tool started with Food Type and the Diet Type filters.
  • March 2019 We have added the Meal Time filter to the discovery tool
  • April 2019 We have added the Sugar Type filter to the discovery tool
  • April 2019 We have added the Ingredients Composition filter to the discovery tool

Food Discovery Tool

  • Diet - With this filter, you can filter all food items by a specific diet
  • Food Type - This filter allows you to select specific food types you want to see and compare, from protein bars, through to camping meals and you can show a single food type or multiple.
  • Meal Time - You can filter by food and drink items based on what time of day you usually consume them

Patreons Can Ask For New Features

Patreons get access to the site, just like everybody else, but the main feature for supporting us, is that you can request new features on the site.

Discovery Tool Filters And Sorting Options

We aim to be the intelligent search and objective comparison before your usual search for sports foods.

  • You can find inspiration for certain food types, looking for freeze dried or dehydrated packaged meals, we have a list for that.
  • Compare specific food types that you are interested in
  • Find food items based on a specific nutritional or food stat
    • find protein bars with the least amount of salt
    • find packaged meals by most calories
    • find foods by how much protein
    • find foods by fiber content
    • find energy gels by how cheap they are
Hundreds, if not thousands more questions can be answered using the site.

Why Patreon? What Will We Be Doing If You Support Us

The simple answer is that we want to keep the website free for everybody, we don't want to add a paywall. We also have a never-ending task of keeping the site fresh with new outdoor food items that need adding to the sites ever-growing outdoor food database. Finally and most importantly, the site needs updating, new features need adding, we have a very long list of ideas and if you help support us, the faster they get implemented!

Outdoor Food Database

The biggest task on the site is that of keeping the site updated with new outdoor food items. There are hundreds of outdoor food items to forage through right now as we launched the site in late 2018 but we want there to be thousands. Hundreds of energy bars, hundreds of energy gels, hundreds of boil in the bag packaged meals and so on.

This is going to take a long, long time. With your support, you can help us add more food products than we currently are.

We Want To Keep The Website Free

We had thought of putting a paywall up, a yearly subscription, and if you subscribed, you got to see all the foods, all the data and all the websites tools.

Instead, we're keeping it free for everybody and asking for support through Patreon.

New Website Features and Updates

We have a very very long list of website features and updates, we want to work at this list and by supporting us, you can help us get through it quicker.

We thank you for reading, we hope the website has helped you in some way and with your support we can continue to grow this website!

The Advanced Discovery Tool

0 of 50 patrons
When we reach 50 new patrons, we add a new major feature to the web app.

We have many new filter options, new sorting options and other cool features we want to add to the site and you can help us get there!
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