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About Outdoor Vancouver

Since 2008, Outdoor Vancouver has brought the latest news, events, hiking trail guides, gear reviews, and more to Vancouver’s hiking community.

Our trail database features over 100 hikes and continues to grow every month. Our goal is to help you answer two questions. Do I want to do this hike? And, do I have all the reliable information I need to do this hike safely?

Each and every Outdoor Vancouver trail guide offers:

  • Videos and photos that show you what the hike is like from beginning to end.
  • Elevation graphs and maps of the trail topography.
  • All the key stats, clearly laid out: difficulty, distance, elevation gain, time needed, best months to hike & more.
  • Brief hike overview to give you an idea of what the hike is about, and who it is for.
  • Detailed, turn-by-turn route descriptions so you get where you want to go.

Where does your donation go?

It takes a lot to keep Outdoor Vancouver going and growing. Over the years, I have invested in camera equipment, hiking gear, GPS tech, software, and everything needed to create these guides. But there are a lot of ongoing costs associated with keeping the site going.

Your donation will go directly to...

  • Website hosting. This currently costs about $100 /month and will grow as traffic increases.
  • Photo and video editing software and music. Currently costs about $65 /month.
  • Email newsletter. Currently costs about $90/ month.
  • Gas. Sadly, it ain't free.
  • New product designs. We want to keep growing our line of unique and locally-inspired apparel and work with awesome local graphic designers.
  • Further website development and creation of more valuable content on the website. Currently we are only able to create 1 or 2 new hiking guides per month, maximum, and would like to increase this!
  • New features. We have a lot of great ideas to improve the site and funding will help make this possible!

In addition to all this, it takes about 20 hours of time to create a single hiking guide! Photo editing, video editing, writing accurate route descriptions, creating maps, it all adds up... and that doesn’t include driving to each trail and actually hiking it!

Advertising used to cover most of the costs of running the website, but ad-blockers have made this an unsustainable source of revenue. In addition to 100’s (1,000’s?) of hours spent creating content in 2018, Outdoor Vancouver lost money as expenses topped over $10,000!

Outdoor Vancouver was never started as a project to make money, I just want to share reliable hiking information with others and inspire everyone to explore our beautiful outdoors, safely. But I cannot continue to run the website at this rate forever.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and goes a long way!

Do I have any responsibilities if I join? What if I don't want to do anything but support?

You can be as involved or not involved as you wish! You can be a silent supporter of Outdoor Vancouver and sit quietly knowing you're doing an awesome thing. Or you can dive into the online Slack community, get to know everyone, etc. It’s up to you!

Can I stop donating in the future?

Yes, of course! You can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

Still have questions?

Shoot an email to [email protected] and I will help you out!
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Once we reach $300 per month, the very basic website hosting, monthly software, and monthly newsletter fees will be covered. This level will help sustain the website for the long run and allow us to continue creating new content
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