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✓ Early access to podcast episodes
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✓ Community access

*After Dahk episodes are casual chats with Mary & Blake that occur right after recording our breakdown of the latest Outlander or This Is Us episode.  Join us in our home studio with a dram, and let’s chat together. 


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About Mary & Blake Media

First, a message from Mary & Blake

Mary & Blake Media
is by nerds, for the nerds...

You belong here. Supporters of Mary & Blake Media receive access to our ever-growing Nerd Clan, including an EXTRA “After Dark” episodes with Mary & Blake every week during the season! They also get access to Clan chats, Mary & Blake Swag, personalized holiday card from M&B, Blake’s Book Club, #MinuteWithMary discountsgiveaways, Q&A live-streams, early access to episodes and other unique rewards as Official Nerd Clan members!

Join hundreds of fans 
as well as Mary & Blake as part of our exclusive Nerd Clan community where we discuss every episode, “chaptah by chaptah” analysis of many different books, actor, director, artistic choice, interview, convention, and general goings on of all of us at Mary & Blake Media. We're committed to giving you the most comprehensive world dominating coverage of Outlander and all the shows we cover that the internet has to offer; coverage that includes expertly produced podcasts, as well as professionally edited and curated original articles. 

As the leading fan podcast and blog for Outlander and other pop-culture entities, we produce informative, entertaining, engaging, and honest content all year long -- yes, even during #Droughtlander.

We are husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers, who commit major portions of our lives (on top of our day jobs) and to you, the listener, the supporter, the Outlander fanatic -- because that’s what we love to do.

Please lend your support so we can afford babysitters, hosting fees, travel fees so we can attend all the great Outlander Cons, and continue to give you the most comprehensive nerd coverage in the market. With your help, we can continue to grow our fully independent and fan driven podcast & blog, which has no major network, corporate backing, or any of those potential beneficial resources, and perhaps even make this our full time job one day.

Your support means the world to us! Our job is to make the best show possible, and give you the most valuable content that is available on the interwebs. We love it. We love you. And we will never stop trying our hardest to making Outlander the most popular program on television.

So, please consider partnering with us and supporting the show, all the while unlocking some of the best Mary & Blake perks. Join our community and help us on this journey by becoming an official Nerd Clan member today.

Who Are Mary & Blake?

We're just two people who fell madly in love at first sight. Honestly. We met, got married, had two kids, and just happen to work really well together. We have ups, downs, and everything in between just like any other married couple on this planet. But, we have each other, and nothing will ever get between us.

Together we have created Mary & Blake Media which consists of a number of different podcasts, blogs and engage with our community every single day. You can learn more about us and M&B Media by clicking here!
822 of 1,000 patrons
We would be able to purchase a brand new state-of-the-art computer which would run our entire studio and replace our current setup which is almost 10 years old. You can read about it here.

Plus this will also allow us to make the first big step in making M&B Media both of our full time jobs to bring you more engaging and personal content than ever before!

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