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  • See the draft version of the manga long before the final edits are finished (it'll be a little rough around the edges but you'll still get the full translation early)
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  • Directly influence the Outlaw World website's creation. It's a very large project, but if you're particularly interested in any topic, that will be pushed right up the queue.
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About Mantis

Hello guys. I'm Mantis, and for over a decade I've dedicated a chunk of my life to my favourite animation, Outlaw Star. This has included the forum (Outlaw Star Nexus, formerly Outlaw Star UK), collecting and sharing various merchandise and now bringing the Outlaw Star manga to English.

That's not all, though. One of the greatest things about Outlaw Star is its unexplored lore. There's a lot to learn from the great wealth of merchandise most western Outlaw Star fans don't know about. I want to put everything there is to know about Outlaw Star on an online library. Along with several art books I also have various concept art, storyboards, scripts and animation cels used in the production. Additionally there is a section for Outlaw Star's proposed sequel: Sword of Wind.

I won't be able to commit loads of time to scanning books because currently the biggest priority is the manga scanlation. Since around halfway through 2018 I've been working with a few people, including a couple of fluent translators. This has resulted in a great translation, but there are expenses. Your patronage would reduce these costs, allowing more consistent progress. A couple of my teammates are also handling the light novel, El Dorado Covered with Clouds. Like the manga, you'll be able to read that as it's being done in patron-only posts.

We're regularly discovering new things, so if you join us on this journey you won't miss out on any of that.

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