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About Outreach for Taiwan

We extend our invitation to you to help make a difference with us, and to take the first step to outreach for Taiwan. 

As Outreach for Taiwan reaches our one year anniversary, we reflect back on what we have accomplished so far and look forward to what more could be done.

About Outreach for Taiwan (OFT)...
OFT currently consists of a small group of 20-something year olds, striving to spread and create awareness about Taiwan's past, present, and future through a series of workshops, and articles. We are constantly brainstorming new ways to get young proponents to learn more and do more for Taiwan. 

We spearhead...
  •  Our educational workshops.
    • Through a series of workshops held at various locations of higher education, OFT seeks to reach out and to provide an open forum for discussion to better understand Taiwan.
    • Past and upcoming venues include: Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey), Tufts University (Boston, Massachusetts), Columbia University (Manhattan, New York)
  • Our #4tw projects, which include 
    • #Art4TW: Encouraging others that it is possible to help Taiwan through creative outlets.
    • #Talk4TW: An interview talk series where we invite individuals to share their thoughts about why Taiwan matters, and what they do to help the Taiwanese American community. 
  • Our newsletter.
    • OFT understands that everyone is busy, so we have a newsletter subscription to share short and easy-to-understand posts about Taiwan's past, present and future. All of these articles are written by our OFT board.
    • Sent out every month on the 15th, this newsletter will keep you in the loop.

How to help...
  • Donate now!
    Even one dollar can make a difference. All the money raised will go towards our #4tw projects, better equipment, website maintenance, guest speakers, educational hand-outs, and more. If you are uncomfortable donating through Patreon, you may email us at [email protected].  We greatly appreciate any donation. 
  • Like us! Follow us!
    We are on both Facebook and Twitter. Share our posts, and help us spread our educational content across the interwebs. In addition, we want to interact with you! Let us know what you think we can be doing better to help create awareness for Taiwan. 

Outreach for Taiwan's approach for creating awareness for Taiwan is through focusing on education - growing and learning together. We hope to help proponents of Taiwan gain a better understanding about the complexities of Taiwan in a way that is fun, interactive, and easy to understand.

Outreach for Taiwan is an example of the Taiwanese American youth striving to shed light on Taiwan's past, present and future.

Thank you for your support!


畢業生發展出來的組織,目前總共有六位優秀志工投入團隊。OFT致力於通過提供消息和幫助理解相關的政治氛圍、時事,綜合台灣的歷史背景跟未來發展,針對台灣多元的主題舉行研討會和其他活動宣傳,以”教育年輕支持者、爭取英語圈中更廣泛的國際人士認同台灣”為其使命。 OFT與任何政黨,民族,或種族沒有關聯。

通過在不同的的高等教育地點舉行一系列研討會,OFT試圖提供一個開放的論壇,用討論的 方式,讓人更容易地了解台灣。

‪#‎Art4TW‬- 藝術台灣
“藝術台灣”活動: 通過創造性的網點,鼓勵別人來達到幫助台灣的可能。
‪#‎Talk4TW‬ -座談台灣


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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