Owen Brush Textiles is creating Handspun Yarn and Weaving.

Patron of the Crafts

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for your support!

Eager Weaver

$3 /mo
You will gain access to my posts that contain excerpts from my weaving journal with images, patterns, and thoughts about all of my weaving projects, as I make them.  (including all of the technical...

Busy Beaver

$30 /mo
Are you a knitter?  A weaver?  Do you just really like yarn?

Supplement your craft projects and yarn-stash with some of my hand-spun alpaca yarn.  You will receive  one skein in the mail e...

Beyond Warp and Weft

$30 /mo
Many cultures have stories of mystical weavers who exist beyond the veil and control the fates of our existance by spinning out the threads of life that get woven into a tapestry, before eventually...


$80 /mo
Is one skein of yarn not enough for you?

You will receive three skeins of hand-spun alpaca yarn every month, to fuel your own crafting projects.  Each skein will be either 60 meters of two-...


Monthly Monster

$80 /mo
Want to grow a monster family?

Get a package with a new stuffed monster every month.

Scarf Afficiando

$250 /mo
Wow, you must really like scarves!   Or maybe you want to wrap up everyone you know in wonderful handspun garments.

If you pledge this much, you will get a one of a kind handspun and handw...