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  • To motivate you moving up the Patreon ladder at some point, I'm also happy to offer you a free ticket to every concert I'm involved in (subject to availability).
  • *To give you an idea, I foresee myself writing 2 to 5 pieces and conduct 3 to 6 concerts a year. So this adds up to potentially just £33 maximum for one year. Well, you can even set a monthly cap to avoid being charged beyond your comfort zone in the unlikely event that I wrote/conducted too much music in a given month.

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About Owen Ho

Dear potential Patreons,

Glad to see you on my Patreon page! Having been in London for over a year now and met certain unique people like you, I thought there's no better time — as an emerging composer and conductor about to graduate from Royal College of Music — to invite you to join my circle of Patreons, people who genuinely believe in art's importance today and would put faith in what I do.

For pledging as little as £3 with every new composition I write or concert I conduct, becoming a Patreon means you will be able to show your support by actually contributing to the funding side of my work. In return, I'll actively maintain an ever closer relationship with you, not just by keeping you posted about my latest stories, but also by giving you the privilege to things that are less available to the public. For details, see the types of memberships above.

To me, this Patreon circle is all about the dynamism between your motivation and my growth — much less about money per se which, really, is to make room for the music-making proper. As an emerging artist, I cannot be more grateful already to know that there'd be people out there who find my work worth keeping an eye on. Personally, I in fact dread linking the very idea of music-making to money-making at all as it potentially undermines the true, immeasurable value of art...

So, the more support I have from this circle would mean that I can gradually free up more time to make music — with an even freer mind. Do believe me, I've been composing and conducting for free in the past 5 years, so if you would consider supporting me a little, then at least I can treat myself a proper meal every now and then to recharge myself...!

With all my heart, I sincerely look forward to extending our relationship in this special place.


Composer / Conductor

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-Founding Artistic Director of Ensemble Matters

-Director of Goodensemble Orchestra
-Winner of Arcubus Ensemble Call for Scores 2020
-1st Prize Winner of AESS Composers Song Writing Competition 2019
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I'll write a fully fledged opera & conduct... well, the 2 most voted operas by my Patreons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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