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What is this?

We make comics.

Well, we make a comic.

It’s called Realm of Owls.

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Anyway, much like most other jollyhoots in this line of work, we want to make this a full-time job.

To do that, we need a tiny army.

Or maybe an army of tiny things?

We need a tiny army of tiny things.

Wanna join? (OvO)??

The only requirement is that you gotta be tiny.

Or not. That doesn’t really matter either.

Feel free to press the “Become a Patron” button to start!

Ouluf’s Journey

We also have this silly dude called Ouluf here.

You can see him on the left over there.

(You may also have to scroll a bit up.)

(Or down, if you’re using a squishy screen.)

(Look for a black-feathered fellow with a charming “hi do I know you?” thousand yard stare.)

As our monthly Patreon amount grows, so will Ouluf towards becoming a LEGEND.

AND if we get enough, then other random things will also happen after certain goals are met.

Like advertisements disappearing from the Realm of Owls website.

And our potted plants stop dying from lack of water.

And birds start singing outside.

Well, that last one seems to happen randomly anyway.

Anyway, stuff happens. So exciting! \(OvO)/

Long-time Member Perks

(OvO(OvO)OvO) we are watching you (OvO(OvO)OvO)

Err, sorry, that came out a bit wrong.

More specifically, we are watching how much you’ve contributed to us over the months and years.

Because we want to reward people who stick with us.

(OvO(OvO)OvO) we want to reward you (OvO(OvO)OvO)


I guess that didn’t sound much better… (ÓvÒ)

Anyway, don’t go anywhere, okay? \(OvO)/

$30 of $30 per month

Status: Hobo
Has: Nothing
Next: Shirt

The Realm of Owls website is now ad-free! Huzzah!

Every reached goal gives us more insurance about creating Realm of Owls (and brings Ouluf closer to becoming a legend)!
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