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We are just two dudes from Southern California who studied philosophy, politics, and religion around the world and decided to start a podcast where we could bullshit with impunity. 

Austin Hayden Smidt is currently a researcher in philosophy and political economy in Sydney. Troy Polidori is PhD student in philosophy in the American south. 

We met during our undergrad years while studying theology and philosophy. After years of graduate and post-graduate study, as well as university-level teaching and research, our desire is to wrestle with complex issues/concepts and disseminate that information to others. Ours is not merely an academic pursuit. Rather, we want to equip people with tools to navigate the difficult terrains of existence – not what to think, but how to think.

During undergrad, our solace was eating Chinese food at Mandarin Wong and talking about all manner of things: philosophy, politics, love, life, society, religion, sports, whatever. This is an extended digital version of that. Please take a seat at the table with us :)

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Once we reach 25 patrons, we'll open things up to you! Periodically, we'll field suggestions for topics and then run a poll. The winning topic will be addressed in an episode.
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