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The First Free European Academy for Emotional Education and Electronic Music
Nowadays, everything happens faster and at the same time the amount of information to be processed and assimilated is incomparably higher with each passing day. The more we learn, the less we feel, and the answer is always in our feelings, not in our minds – thus giving rise to the initiative of the First Free Academy of Emotional and Professional Education for artists and future artists, even in Romania.
1. Education & Culture
For us, this movement does not only mean offering young people a set of ‘à la carte courses for a career in the field, but also the opportunities they can benefit from being part of a united community whose goal is to educate and improve. the artistic spirit, but also the intrapersonal one.
2. Lack of a national networking and support community, for and between artists.
The establishment of headquarters will start in Cluj-Napoca, preceded by an expansion throughout the country.
Starting with the cities of Targu Mures, Timisoara, Iasi and Bucharest. The graduates of the academy will automatically enter this community and will be ambassadors of the movement in their own cities; where they will in turn create and manage smaller communities at the zonal level.
3. Emotional health (most critical issue identified):
There has been an alarming increase in cases of anxiety, lack of confidence, drug use, depression, etc .; the likelihood of mental health deteriorating as a problem from an early age, so the following initiatives will be taken: group meetings and workshops led by licensed psychologists, courses and discussions with certified nutritionists, motivational seminars and webinars or personal development with entrepreneurs, artists, and people in related industries. The feeling of belonging and support. Creating an environment that proliferates emotional and physical health.
In order to encourage artists to continue to express themselves through music, they will be represented at the world level by the new Electronic Music Label in Romania -OWPN-, and the label will assume the responsibility of launching, licensing and promoting on Social & Media networks such as Youtube, Spotify, iMusic, Deezer, Tidal, etc., to provide a means of financial self-support to each artist.
The business model of OWPN Academy is a sustainable one, with a long-term vision for 10 years through the sale of music, organization of local/national and international events, etc. Given that the music industry generates MILLIONS OF EURO revenues, this is a good opportunity to contribute to the development and improvement of national cultural budgets.
The relationship with the people who gave us life is actually our relationship with life – the purpose of our academy is to literally lay the foundation not only of a successful artist, but above all, of a successful man. One of the great ambitions of this project is to build the right environment where students will be able to grow personally, along with their careers and passions.

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