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The Ottawa Water Study/Action Group (OWSAG) is fundraising for a part-time Social Media Coordinator. The Coordinator will work to educate and engage residents on the harmful effects of single-use bottled water, promote tap water through the blueW program, and organize fun and engaging events for World Water Day, Earth Day and throughout 2020.

Who we are

OWSAG is a group of concerned residents, scientists and engineers that came together in 2006 to stop the sale of single-use plastic bottled water in municipal buildings and to promote tap water in Ottawa.

How we got started
OWSAG began by studying safety concerns, costs and economics, resource use in the manufacture of plastic bottles, and environmental issues with plastic waste as well as educating the public on these important and timely topics. OWSAG's work was supported by progressive councillors like Diane Holmes and Clive Doucet, who also spearheaded initiatives to ban single-use bottled water decades ago.

More than ten years later, our group is still going strong.

A huge success in 2019!
In 2019, OWSAG ramped up its campaign to end the sale of single-use plastic bottled water in municipal buildings in Ottawa. We organized events for World Water Day and Earth Day. We partnered with local youth, climate and environmental groups. We gathered nearly 2000 signatures for a Bottled Water Declaration urging Ottawa City Councillors to end the sale of bottled water and to promote its own excellent tap water. We organized creative actions and made various presentations to Ottawa City Council.

In June 2019, Ottawa City Council passed a motion, tabled by Councillor Catherine McKenney, to eliminate single-use plastics from municipal buildings and facilities! OWSAG is so grateful to all the residents who signed the Declaration, wrote letters and attended our events.

Important work ahead
Our work is not over. We’re entering the next phase of our work and we're more determined than ever to protect water and work with others to end the plastics crisis that is wreaking havoc on oceans, ecosystems and waterways.

OWSAG will work to hold City Council to account on this motion and alert the general public about the environmental problems related to single-use plastics. We are partnering with blueW, a unique community-based program dedicated to promoting municipal tap water as a healthy, easily accessible alternative to purchasing bottled drinks. We're also planning to organize activities and events for World Water Day in March 2020 and Earth Day in April 2020.

You can help us make it happen
In addition to building face-to-face relationships in our community, social media has played a critical role in our grassroots campaign to educate people and promote clean, safe tap water - the real healthy choice - for generations and generations to come.

OWSAG is fundraising for a part-time Social Media Coordinator to educate and engage residents, promote tap water through the blueW program, and organize key events. Your donation will help OWSAG in its work including getting 200 new bottled water refill locations in Ottawa by the end of 2020.

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