Thomas Schmall is creating Line Art

$1 /creation
Show your support and get early access to the monthly (and later bi-weekly) ink studies!


$3 /creation
Enter a raffle to win the originals of the original ink studies! And get the early access to new artworks!


$8 /creation
Behind-the-scene insight: Get access to sketches and early steps of bigger artworks while I work on them. Plus tutorials and infos about my materials. Plus 3 ticket...

$25 /creation
I'll personally send you printed Postcards of the monthly (or bi-weekly) studies - and you get 10 Raffle tickets to win the originals!
And gain access to exclusive high ...

$100 /creation
I will give feedback to your art or portfolio.

Send me your art, and I can either wri...

$200 /creation
You'll receive an artwork personally crafted for you!

- you can either set a topic (by...