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is creating podcasts, livestreams and other basketball stuff

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This includes everything from the OH Plus tier, but allows you to contribute just as much as I get from Popular Streaming Platform without giving money to Unpopular Owner. (Unfortunately, I can't give you the perks associated with Popular Streaming Platform as part of this tier.)
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Ad reads can be up to 50 words and must be
  • safe for broadcast (G-rated language only); and
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Due to other work I do locally, I cannot accept advertising for gambling services, sites or apps.
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About Derek Nielsen

Who are you?

I'm Derek Nielsen, and I write. Mostly about basketball- I've been writing about Australian basketball since 1996 for various websites, mostly under the Ozhoops brand (since 2001!) but also for the fondly-remembered but sadly defunct Pro Basketball Today. I did also have a 'real' job but now I work for you!, if you want.

What does this Patreon fund?

- Ozhoops, including The Boards (our forums) and Ozhoops Radio, my weekly podcast. Ozhoops covers both the men's and Women's National Basketball Leagues here in Australia, and with your support I can expand to include discussion of the NBA, Australians playing abroad, and our State and semi-professional competitions throughout the country.

- Ozhoops On Twitch, where I livestream commentary and discussion.

-, my personal site where I churn through my pop-culture and video game backlog. And sometimes even current releases if I'm feeling really fancy!

- You'll also be the first to know about new projects once they're ready for public consumption.

What do I get for supporting you?

A warm, fuzzy feeling! At least, at the base level. You also get access to private channels privileges on the Ozhoops Discord, a member-only forum where we can talk about whatever.

At the higher levels you can advertise on Ozhoops on Twitch- I'm happy to do ad reads during the show, and you can even get naming rights! Imagine the dizzying feeling when you hear "This is Game Day on Ozhoops, presented by (Your Brand Here)!" Or you can just pay me to read nonsense for your own personal amusement. Just make sure your material would be safe for regular broadcast and, if it's an ad, your product or service is legal to sell or promote.

But basketball only runs nine months a year!

#basketballneverstops. But seriously, I will remove seasonal tiers if they no longer apply (or have to be mothballed for a period). I'll work with any affected backers as the time approaches.

Who else is paying you to do this stuff?

If that comes up I'll make sure to disclose it here. One thing I will mention- I do some volunteer work in the Townsville basketball community so I have an inherent pro-Townsville bias.

You're spending all this money on coffee, aren't you?

Well, you wouldn't want me drinking cheap, bad coffee, would you?

What if I want to choose multiple tiers?

You can specify to pay an additional amount- then just send me a message here on Patreon and we'll sort it out.

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