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About p2p.Ninja

p2p.Ninja envisions a computer network that is built neighbor to neighbor, block by block and community to community. This totally organic network need not have a central authority to plan network connections, assign addresses or direct routing of traffic. You connect to this network by connecting to you neighbor - and you can connect to as many neighbors as you like! When you would like to host information on this network, there is nowhere to go and ask permission from - you host it on your computer for your neighbors to see and share!

Perhaps it would be helpful to contrast the p2p.Ninja networking philosophy with what we currently know as the 'Internet'. The internet, due to its incipient design, needs careful planning for proper functioning. The most basic example is the assignment of IP addresses to make sure we do not have two different servers having the same IP address. This requires an authority (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, or IANA) to whom all must report to join the internet. Similarly, if you choose to host web content, you must shop around with people who have a right to the limited pool of static IP addresses to host your content. This also precludes 'organic growth' of this network. Because if you connected your computer to your neighbor's, their is a high likelihood of IP addresses being duplicated.

p2p.Ninja solves these problems by using a public key addressing system to transmit data on it's network. Public key addressing allows for a large enough address set such that two computers randomly selecting an address are highly likely to choose different addresses for themselves. Also, public keys, by their nature guard against attempts by malicious servers to spoof another server.

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