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About Professor Awesome

This Patreon is for adult comics involving a lot of weird fetishy stuff, like transformation. If you're into this sort of thing, consider supporting me, so I'll be able to make more.

I don't like putting stuff behind a pay-wall, that's why the comics here will all be free to read at my website and on my FA.

For the same reason I don't offer many rewards for people pledging, other than a warm feeling and the knowledge that you're helping me create more weird comics. I'll definitely try to create some value-added content for patrons every now and then, but I often have problems with my wrists and I'd rather use my time drawing the actual comic rather than some bonus material.

My other webcomic Alien Hand Syndrome also contains transformation material, but won't be quite as smutty, which is why I'm keeping the Patreon seperate:
$69 of $150 per comic page
Something along these lines is what I would charge for a comic commission. (If I ever were to take commissions that is...)

I could use part of this money to hire someone to work on this project together with me in order to create more pages faster.

If this goal is met, I can finally tell everyone that I am a professional drawer!
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