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About Pablo Brito-Altamira



Humans communicate through verbal and non-verbal languages and also through more subtle mechanisms similar to the infrared connection and the Bluetooth.
These mechanisms are established naturally among people who relate as lovers, friends, relatives, etc. They depend on constitutive affinities of varied nature.
Art is one of the modalities of this connection.
Formal Arts create "packages" of transmission which are exhibited or exposed to the contact in the form of works.
There are ways of transmission that do not require formal works to occur.
They are settled spontaneously in situations we randomly find in everyday life: in many of these situations, contacts become relationships. VG: two strangers meet on a place and a time and suddenly recognized them as allied.

Brainterface is a close-to-art experimental modality that rehearses the production of situations of that kind in a voluntary and non-accidental way.
On the basis of existing elementary situations, as the party, the promenade, the meeting, etc. it develops game alternatives that make intercede several planes of consciousness, as in the theoretical proposal of Arthur Koestler on creativity.
It produces 'moments' of high concentration of "creative connectivity" that are displayed and observed among the participants.


We set a "non – labeled-event" in which manifestations of formal arts can converge or not and whose only static description only refers to the space and time in which it occurs.

It differs radically from all forms of happening in which there is no division of labor between "actors" and "public". The Brainterface runs only between "officiants" pre-selected by their degree based on affinity. It can develop in a first phase between artists, for example.
It differs from a simple party or a meeting or a work session in which the sole purpose of the encounter is the creation of an "adventure" for the entire group, valid for all and each one of its members.


In this context, we provisionally define adventure as a project defined in time and space with the participation of all members of the experience: the ultimate purpose of the adventure varies with each and every experience.

Excerpt of "The three faces of the coin" / Las Tres Caras de la Moneda by Pablo Brito-Altamira. (Spanish Edition).See more at AmazonEnglish translations on demand.


As poet Antonio Machado once wrote 'I have walked down many roads'* as an artist. Author, painter and experimental artist , trained in Europe in the 70s among the currents derived from the Neo-Surrealistic thesis and other avant-garde movements as COBRA and Internationale Situationniste.I Made studies at Écoles D’Art Indépendantes de Paris  and participated in collective creation performances in Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, New York, Caracas and other places, both in Europe and in the Americas.. I've been in advertising too and I am in TV contents now, but I keep painting, writing, and -of course-experimenting.

I invite you all to share my adventure and be part of the new movement of making art beyond the art.

More info and links at my website
I have walked down many roads
and cleared many paths;
I have navigated a hundred oceans
and anchored off a hundred shores.

- Antonio Machado /Soledades
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My aim is to create artistic situations in which different arts are integrated to generate mental and emotional interactions with participants who start as a public and become themselves creators. I am raising funds for such experiences.I want to organize an experience called 'brainterface'. It takes 3 months pre-production and 12 weeks in the making and shooting plus 6 weeks more in post-production. 

I am planning to create a Brainterface 'adventure' which will be performed in a pre-conditioned space.          The timetable will be posted opportunelyto Patrons.
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