Cory Anotado is creating Online Game Shows


$1 /mo
Everyone who supports me will get members-only access, including special goodies, graphics, odds and ends, etc.

Super Supporter

$5 /mo
If you like more than a dollar a month, give me $5 a month! You'll get access to the Pacdude Games Discord server, and every month, I'll send you something fun in the mail: a sticker, a decal, or s...


$10 /mo
At $10 a month or more, you'll get something fun in the mail every month, and get a shout out at the end of videos I make funded by the Patreon.


$25 /mo
Members who pledge $25 or more per month will get special viewing links to watch when I record a Game Show Gauntlet.

Inner Circle

$100 /mo
For $100 per month, I'll include you in the Pacdude Games Inner Circle, and contact you first when I need test subjects for interactive experiments.

Executive Producer

$10,000 /mo
If you're dumb enough to do this, I'll produce pilot episodes of every game show idea I have and if it sells, I'll make you part owner of the idea.