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Text Adventures

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Access to our fortnightly episode posts, where we'll update you on what's happening at Paganomation.

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What's in a Name?

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In addition to all previous tier content, we'll put your name in the credits of any Patreon-funded videos we produce for as long as you pledge. You'll get to see the posts from the...

Pics or it Didn't Happen

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Feast your eyes on some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from whatever we happen to be working on at the moment (assuming we're not bound by an NDA). Plus, the $2-level stuff.

Early Achiever

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Early access to our upcoming episodes and videos-in-progress! If you like seeing things ahead of time, this is the tier for you. (Access to everything from the $5-and-lower tiers i...

Behind the Scenes

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All previous reward content, PLUS we'll continue to pull back the curtain with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos

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