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is creating awesome video game pop culture art in MSPaint!
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The Noteworthy Note!
Like most Patreon campaigns, this is probably going to be the busiest level, which is great, because we're gonna need a lot of notes in order to get anywhere!

This level rewards you with...
  • Access to a private conversation stream here on Patreon, where you can give feedback, offer suggestions, vote on new designs or we can just chat about whatever you want!
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The Rainbow Jinjo!
Hidden all over the place, Jinjos might not be as frequent as the Notes, but they're still highly sought after. And when we get a bunch together, big things start happening!

This level rewards you with...
  • Access to the private Patreon stream!
  • Five percent discount on any purchases!
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The Bronze Mole!
Dependable and constant, the Moles are always ready to go that extra step beyond, showing off their moves and making our artistic adventure much more fun!

This level rewards you with...
  • Access to the private Patreon stream!
  • Ten percent discount on any purchases!
  • Exclusive PFC goodies! (for this level, we're thinking something like badges, pins or lanyards)

    (as goodies are still currently being worked out, anyone who donates at this level will be receive their goodies at a later date)




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About Paint'd Fox Creations

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by our Patreon page!
Here's what we're all about...

Paint'd Fox Creations was founded way back on the 14th of May, 2012 (on a Monday, no less) and began with one very simple goal in mind, which was to make designs that no one had ever seen the likes of before.
Designs that we're fun, original, clever and creative. And super awesome.
And we make 'em in the only program we know how to use... MSPaint!

Since that day, we've created nearly thirty awesome designs, launched a website, uploaded multiple step-by-step videos and even attended conventions, like Comic-Con and Supanova!
But why do we keep using MSPaint you ask? 'Cos why not!
It's kinda like a tradition now. Trying to get the best possible result out of a program no one would ever think could do it. MSPaint requires real dedication and time and the results completely speak for themselves. Everything you see of ours wherever it may be, from Facebook to YouTube, our website and beyond, was all made pixel by pixel in MSPaint!

So where do you come in?
Well, we've been active on Facebook for over two years now and our LIKE counter shows over five thousand people like our stuff and follow us. Now we're hoping, through Patreon, some of those people, like you reading this, would like to go that itty bitty bit further and support our efforts some more.
With even the simplest of donations, say a single dollar per design (*ahem* not turning away folks who want to donate a few million, of course...) from any number of our thousands of fans, we could put those funds towards restructuring our production model.
At the moment, we have our gear printed through a third party manufacturer and distributed through another. It's a little costly and not entirely ideal, but it's worked so far.

With your support, we're gonna go right out and buy our own printing equipment and handle all distributions, eliminating the middle men. This would allow us to drop the cost on all our products and reach a much larger audience!
That's actually it. We just want to make things cheaper for you and we wanna continue being able to make them!

It all comes down to you. You have the power to provide whatever amount you want.
Just know that if you do decide to become our Patrons, you'll be supporting some dedicated, creative, crazy artists and helping to realize the dream they've been working SO long and hard for.

Plus, there's a bunch of cool rewards and stuff in it for you too, so y'know... there's that.

No matter what you do, thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time!
$58 of $2,000 per new design
Once we have the printing equipment, we're gonna slash prices on all our work!
$2000 is just sort of a ballpark figure. If we get a bunch of support before we hit that number and we can afford the printer then, we'll get it!
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