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·  At least once a month I’ll do an in-depth workup on a color or set of colors—characteristics, paint chemistry if applicable, what’s it good for, what goes with it? 

·  Access to our fun and fantastic Discord hangout!
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·  I really appreciate your support! You guys and higher tiers get first notice when one of my models will be for sale. 
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About PaintingBig


Hi! My name is Anne and I’m a professional miniature painter and paint line designer. I love to paint and I love to talk about paint, and that's why we're here!

Reaper Miniatures hired me on over fifteen years ago to be their in-house staff painter, and also to create a new paint line for them. We’re the only miniatures company to make our own paint in-house! In my job for them, I concept and name the colors, create the initial formulas and batches, and mix Master Series Paint from the ground up on a day-to-day basis.


I like to talk about paint and painting. I like to talk about it a LOT. But seriously…

I get a lot of questions about the paint. Not just about color choices, but about which colors go together, why the paint acts the way it does, and the best ways to utilize it for this or that technique. I love to teach. Painting and paint chemistry are my passions. This Patreon is a cool, interactive way for me to finally answer all of your questions!

In addition to that, I'm a well-known miniature painter who loves to get people engaged in the hobby I love. This Patreon lets me reach more people on my own time, teach you guys the way I most enjoy doing it, and create an artistic community that everyone can enjoy, all at once! I'm super-excited about it!


Your basic tier gets you access to either a short video or a PDF with exclusive Work-in-Progress photos of either one of my current projects or a one-off tutorial subject. This will include notes on techniques, what I’m doing, my color choices, and mixing recipes that I use.

The subsequent tier goes more in-depth on the paint and how it acts and reacts. Color interactions, some basic paint chemistry, breakdowns on specific colors—all the stuff I really love to talk about!

Then we scale up to more content (I’m told that “Anne babble” can be pretty educational!). These will include more photos, PDFs, and videos. Since I'll have more time to spend on these, it's likely to include more info on my creative process as I approach a piece, and details on how I fix my inevitable mistakes. In addition, this tier and above are the first people to get the word if one of my finished pieces is for sale, which does happen from time to time. 

And, finally, we round out with two top-tier levels: a monthly AMA guided by my highest tier Patrons, with your specific questions answered via text and/or video (depending on which format makes the most sense), and then shared with the rest of the Patreon; and a couple of individual coaching sessions.

I’m really into having you guys guide the process here, so I’ll be asking for feedback regularly to find out which colors or subjects you want me to talk about. I’ve also got a Discord server for us all to hang out and chat on!


I really want to go heavier into the video side, which involves upgrading my lighting and camera setup so that it’s enjoyable for you guys to watch! I'd also like to get a really good video editor and learn to use it, which takes time. As we progress, if things go well, I’ll be able to free up the time and money for this stuff, and offer more and better video content.

My goal is to continually reach out to you guys for feedback in order to offer the content that you most want to see. Ideally everyone learns something valuable from this—me included!

I also really enjoy encouraging painters who want to reach a competitive level. So, if people enjoy them, and if the Patreon grows enough, I’d like to be able to make time for more one-on-one coaching and feedback sessions.

I believe strongly that the only thing between any of us and the realization of our painting goals is the amount of love and time we want to put into it. I know you can do this, so let’s go for it!

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When we hit this goal, first I'm going to do a little happy-dance, and then I'm going to start creating a better studio environment. You know--like when you watch James Gurney's videos and he's in his studio and IT IS GORGEOUS and the artist in you immediately dies of jealousy. Okay, maybe not that awesome. But I'd like to see what I can do to revamp my desk, workspace, storage, and setup in general to make it more organized and professional.
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