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You @'d Me?
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You probably ran into or know me, but you've never really heard my music. You just came to see what's up so I'll send you one song and we can go from there.
Kinda Like Me
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You heard a song once and you liked it, but you probably never let any of your friends hear it or told anyone about it. You just want to be nice.
We Go Together
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Okay, so you like my music a lot I think. So I'll send you two tracks per month to add to your collection.




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About Pair-A-Dyce

I've been making music since the early 2000s but this day job I have seems to keep getting in the way. Regardless, if you're here to support, then I appreciate you!
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If we reach this goal, I'll put together a podcast episode and you'll get to hear my thoughts on some stuff going on in the world as well as input from you all.
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