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About Jason Ellis

Hey guys!  I'm stoked beyond words to see you here.  My name is Jason Ellis and I'm building an airplane!  Specifically a Van's Aircraft RV-10;  I realize there is a pretty good chance you already knew that.. but just in case you weren't sure what this whole thing was about, I made the video above. 

Long story, short;  I'm building an aircraft and documenting the process along the way.  Plus I'm taking the time to try to turn some of the lessons I learned the hard way into videos so that you guys can learn from them too!  No sense in both of us making a mistake.

Why am I here on Patreon?
Because you asked for it!  I took delivery of my RV-10 empennage kit Valentines day February 14th, 2015.  I started working immediately.   Initially my intent was to just document the process with some minor voice overs and comments.  Over time due to questions, comments and participation from users like you I have turned the videography has taken on a life of it's own with the intent of being more professional and actually delivering content to the end users that's worth watching.  

I'd like to continue to do that.  Better videos, better content, more teaching.. and more planes!  I'd like to turn this into a full time job;  teaching people to build planes.  What a dream!

What's to come?
It would tickle me pink if I could ultimately build one of every kind of plane and have a teaching video for each of them.  This is a pretty lofty goal to say the least and I'm not sure it's within the scope of one man.. but maybe with the help of users like you I can not only teach you how to build the plane of your dream but we could build it together!

Either way my goal is to "keep it real".  I want the video's to be more content packed and rich but it's still just me.  Mistakes and all.  In order to get us there though, I need help.  I can't afford to do this full time.

My first Patreon campaign...
This is my first time on Patreon so bear with me while I figure this thing out.  But so far I'm pretty impressed.  Patreon gives me the tooling required to set goals, collaborate and communicate with you the end user and create a community beyond the comments on YouTube. 

Plus once you become a patreon you will have access to "behind the scenes" and more direct access to shoot me a direct email or comment.   Again, this is a community that you're building and helping to keep going.

Anyway, thanks guys!  I hope that explains everything..  I'm not asking for a hand out.  You're here by your own free will offering to buy me a cup of coffee for the entertainment that you're getting by watching me bumble about building an airplane.  My goal is that we all learn something.

Not interested;  No problem!
If you decide you don't want to donate no worries!  All good!  And I understand completely.  But if you do decide to buy a plane from Van's down the road you can always give back to me by using my builder number as the reference;

Jason Ellis 
Builder #41638

They give me a $100 for the referral which is payment enough!

Thanks guys!  See you in the videos.
56% complete
You people are seriously awesome.  If we knock this goal out, I'll get another couple nice cameras so that we can have more views.  

Plus, I'll remove all of the pre-roll skippable ad's from the start of all videos.  I hate those.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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