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About Palaver Podcasts

1. talk unproductively and at length.

1. a work presented to the public (as on the stage or screen or over the air)
2. something exaggerated out of proportion to its importance

Pa-lav-er Pro-duc-tions
/pəˈlavər,pəˈlävər/  /prəˈdəkSH(ə)n

1. creates podcasts of the nerdy, wrestling, & horrific variety
2. building a community for people with like minded interests to gather together

Nerdy Laser Podcast
Nerdy Laser is the coolest podcast in Bayside! Your host Richard Ewell takes you on a trip through the nerdy rabbit hole that is pop culture. One of the focuses is the nineties which is close to Richard's nerddom but nothing is off limits. He has a variety of guests that come on to share their knowledge & love for any subject from 90's soundtracks to Jurassic Park. Give us a listen & remember, keep it nerdy.

PWR Spot Show Podcast
John Morgan Neal & Richard Ewell join forces to talk about the greatest form of sports entertainment in the history of mankind. Each episode, they meet to discuss a new and fascinating topic in the world of wrestling, brother, whether it be the largest companies in the world or the tiniest of independent promotions. And we try to keep it under an hour, with all our power, whether it is sweet or sour.

The Assignment: Horror Podcast
Imagine its late night on a Saturday & you are at your buddies house sitting around watching horror movies while eating pizza and talking about the movie. That is the vibe The Assignment: Horror Podcast gives off while educating Richard on horror movies from the past that he has not seen. Join John, Jerry, & Becca in a classroom of horror with Richard as their student!

All the money from Patreon, goes right back into the podcasts hosting, Patreon incentives, and equipment fees. 

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Richard Ewell & John Morgan Neal
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PWR Spot Show
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The Assignment: Horror Podcast will watch Hell Comes To Frogtown exclusively for our Patrons!
The Nerdy Laser Podcast will watch Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style & give live commentary exclusively for our Patrons!

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