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is creating drawings and photos to support senior cat rescue
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Canned Food - Cartoon sketches
per month

Your $2 per month two cans of the specialty cat food these senior cats require.

In return, you'll see a monthly doodle or caricature of one of the seniors here at Second Guess.

Treaty-treats - Short panel comics
Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
per month

Your $5 monthly donation provides support for the massive quantities of treats I give to the cats with every pill or needle stick. 

In return, you'll see a goofy three-panel comic of some of the resident cat's antics.

Dry food - Update Paleopix
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per month

Support at this level provides one week's worth of the specialty dry cat food needed to support the seniors here.

At this level, each month I will add another camera to the website. I have 600 to choose from. Maybe you have a favorite.

Insulin needles - Sunday comics
Limited (1 of 1 remaining)
per month

At this level, your money will be used to pay for insulin syringes or other consumables for these cats' specific medical needs.

In return, you'll see a full-color Sunday-comics-style strip featuring your favorite felines!

Support Senior Cats
per month

Your monthly donation goes to cover the costs of caring for the senior cats.

Money goes toward medications and other medical requirements that can become quite costly.

In return, I will provide you with updates on our most medically needy felines and a more detailed accounting of where your money is being spent.

Vet Checks - Full-color art
Limited (1 of 1 remaining)
per month

The greatest expenses we have are medications and vet visits. The medications vary based upon the cat, but every visit costs, both in time and money.

At this level, I will show you full-color artwork monthly, and of course, the art will be of the cats in some form or fashion.




per month

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These cats are my purpose for offering my services on Patreon.

Caring for senior and special needs cats is fulfulling, but expensive. It is my hope to use this Patreon page to support the medical care that my many cats require.
Your Patreon support makes all this possible!

And remember, if you don't like any of the offered tiers, you can make your own!

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