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is creating Stories of Awakening My Heart: Finding Joy and Healing from MS
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About Pamela's Progress

Thank you for visiting and reading my posts.  This is the story of my progress in finding Peace and Joy in Life.

It is my journey to overcome frustrations, anger, fear and doubt; to awaken my heart and to heal myself.  I am now a believer that our emotions affect our bodies to the point that they cause illnesses in the body.  I am 54 years old and now I am trying to live life the way it should be lived!

I had been diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) back in 2000.  My maternal grandmother also had MS.   Yes, I understand that a genetic precondition exists, and perhaps there is a particular virus that triggers our body's immune system, but I believe that the way that we, I and my grandmother, chose to deal with disappointments, irritations, and frustrations in our lives contributed to our bodies becoming affected in such a way that we eventually exhibited signs and symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of MS.  I now follow a MS-aware diet, exercise and meditate. 

This journal is to document my progress within myself - physically, mentally and spiritually - to find Peace and Joy that will lead to healing.

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