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About PandoraLyte

I go Cat but most know me as PandoraLyte. I am a video game streamer and just started Youtube as well. I have been playing games since I was about 9 when my uncle found a Nintendo in his apartment that someone left behind. He gave it to us and I've been playing ever since then! Mostly i got more into games about 15 when my brother got a PS2. He mostly has kept me into gaming and always sending me new games. 
I love streaming when I play because it so fun to meet new friends in general but to be able to find friends to play video games is even better! Sharing something that you love and being able to make others happy to know, that we are all out there. It's the best when someone says, your streams are SO fun to watch! It's good to know there are those out there who enjoy them. 
Video games got me into cosplay which is also something I do in accordance to the games I play! 
This is for those who support and love what I do! Not only do you get to see what I do when I'm NOT streaming but you get to see how and what goes into my streams. 

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