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Love Pan Society? Well, then we need to go deeper! When you support us as a Silver Contributor, you will have access to a group ancestral healing session. Dissolve your ancestral burdens so you can fly!
  • Group Ancestral Clearing Session

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Our Gold level contributors can stimulate our minds with reading. We will meet once a month to discuss ideas and opinions that come from stories. Who doesn't love a good story?
  • Group Ancestral Clearing Session
  • Book Club

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Ready to commit to growing your animist lifestyle? The online school will help you bring animism into your spirit and day to day lifestyle as you grow in connection with our community.
  • Group Ancestral Clearing Session
  • Book Club
  • Online Experiential Learning Access



About Pan Society

Pan Society's mission is to spread the practice of animism to people who already love nature, believe in Oneness, and desire connection. Does this fit you? Come join our tribe. You're welcome here with all your wild, wacky, wonderfulness! 

We offer experiences that can help you learn about animism from your bones, not books. What you have in your heart stays with you.


We started our journey 3 years ago fueled by passion. We've been amazed at how many people around the globe drop in. Each week we get comments about how we have touched their lives. 

Pan Society believes that spirituality is free; however, it's not free to produce. Our podcastonline schoolblog, Youtube channel, and tiktok channel has been primarily self-funded. That's no longer sustainable. To that end, we need your help to continue doing what we love, improving upon what we have, and reaching even more people who want a home in animism. 


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This goal will help us provide a small stipend to our Board, a small salary for our Executive director, and give us a tech budget so that we can improve our content. Thank you in advance! 
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