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Hello! Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

I'm Pan, and I write sexy stories. I've been reading and writing erotica for over ten years now - I sell my stories on Amazon and Smashwords, and write custom erotic tales for clients.

Even though it's probably bad for business, I really love putting my work online for free - it means I can listen directly to what my fans are enjoying, instead of having to focus on what's marketable and paying such close attention to sales.

Patreon is like a tip jar, or an ongoing kickstarter: it lets you become a patron of the arts, directly supporting artists you love (like me!). You can choose to give a certain amount of money each time I have 10,000 words written.

(And don't worry - it's completely anonymous! Once you've made an account, just visit the privacy section under your account settings to toggle profile visibility. When it's turned off, no one can see who you're pledging to:)

By becoming my patron through Patreon, you can help a cool, normal guy (me!) who loves bring sexy stories to your hungry eyes.

My Patreon will charge for every 10,000 words I write. Due to Patreon's updated guidelines, I'm no longer able to share all my work directly, but it will still go online at all the normal places. I write up to 20,000 words each month - sometimes less, but you'll never be charged more than twice in a single month. 

At the $5 level, you'll get previews of my non-MC, non-taboo stories, and know that you're the reason I can keep on doing this. Seriously - without Patreon, I won't be able to keep writing full-time!

At the $10 level, you'll get access to a special channel in my discord, where I offer exclusive story previews, often months (or years!) before it goes online anywhere else.

At the $20 level, you won't get any additional content, but dang! You'll be one of my very favorite people.

If you have any questions, or there's anything that doesn't make sense, let me know: [email protected]

Thanks so much for being a part of this awesome experience
$1,560 of $2,000 per 10,000 words of smut written
At least 5,000 words of Mad Monday each month until it's finished! Also, I'll move straight into the planned sequel - Topsy-Turvy Tuesday.
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