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hello! I hope you're having a good day today!

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oh! do you have some time to chat? well I'd love to give you some stuff while you're here, a somewhat monthly ART PACK pdf filled with digital and traditional sketches & some cool pictures I might have taken or brushes that i've made for whatever, digi-wallpapers too!

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crud licker?? ...oh! LIKER! thank you so much for liking my crud! it means a lot to me! I'd really like to mail you a monthly sticker!

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About GEN

ALOHA~! My name is GEN, thanks for stopping by and peeping at my Patreon!
I'm an independent artist that focuses on illustration and design. 

This patreon will be a bit more on the casual side - acting a bit as a tip jar for those kind, kind, lovely, beautiful (sexy???) people that enjoy my art and wish to see that I stay alive and healthy. The more income I can generate from this crazy thing though, the more involved I can be in helping everyone here create a thoughtful community were we can all help and lift each other up artistically and mentally. Ideally anyways, hahaha~

I have a lot of ideas and interests that I want to pursue: handmade merch (pins, needle felting, shirts &c), advanced merch (notebooks, enamel pins, resin items, &c), exploring new art forms (wood carving, 3D printing, molding and casting), streaming the processes for it all along with drawing streams and vibeo gamebing streams, and creating tutorials for everything that I learn. Like, GOOD tutorials, like tutorials that-I-wish-I-could-use-to-learn-how-to-make-stuff-but-everything-that-I-find-is-mostly-garbageANYWAYS

That's what I'm wishing dreaming praying for the future, to learn and to teach what I've learned and to provide good art for cool people to eat and/or use as they see fit (eat). For those of you willing to trust me with your funds, thank you so crazy mega much, from the absolute bottom of my heart, the appreciation I feel is to the moon and back, thank you
$163 of $200 per month
I wanna look into other merch options and report my research to you guys in tutorials and maybe process videos???
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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