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  • Front and back views of each month’s set of minis. 
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  • Extra goodies when goals are reached !(additional minis, custom character sheets,spell cards, item cards, etc)

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  • All previous rewards.
  • Access to color variations for each month's set of minis, included as PNG files and print ready interactive PDF documents. ( At least 5 color variations)
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  • All previous rewards.
  • Card of the month ( Item card, spell card, etc) .




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About Paper Forge


We are Wilson and Grond, a pair of gamers and illustrators who love creating customized content for the gaming sessions we hold with our friends! We create stuff like paper minis, item cards, spell cards and other props for use in D&D, Pathfinder and other Tabletop RPGs and release much of it for free on a weekly basis.

We know what it is like to want to have special content for the players in our group, and how complicated and time consuming it can be to prepare that kind of things. With that in mind we put together this Patreon page so we can share what we do and make it easier for those who want to have this sort of content in their games.

Our goal is, through your support, to expand and multiply the content we create for tabletop gamers out there who want cool stuff in their sessions, eventually being able to create things like terrain, scene props, even more minis, customized character sheets, etc. We create this stuff to enjoy it ourselves and we want to share it with you guys.

What we create

We work on new minis every week, and release a free version of them plus additional content for our patrons ( back views, color variations, source files, etc) at the end of the week. We also create more elaborate illustrated content such as item cards and card backs. That means that at the very least we'll be releasing 4 different minis with color variations and at least 1 prop every month, along with cut files and editable files for those of you who want to customize your game even more with easily edited PSD files.

Feel free to check out our Tumblr page for access to our free content! Also, you may contact us at [email protected]

Thank you!!
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Adult Black Dragon Pack !
When we reach this goal, we'll make an Adult Black Dragon pack!
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