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Cutfile Collector

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Thank you for being the engine that drives this cutfile-creating process! This will give you access to cutfiles as soon as they are created. The rewards that await you:
  • Cutfiles as they are completed.
  • Discord access

Each month, a preview of the planned cutfiles will be posted and the cutfiles will be made available to you as soon as completed. Some months may be more or less productive than others, but on average you can expect cutfiles for about 4 products.

These days, who DOESN'T have a Discord server? Paper Realms is no different. If you'd like to drop by and chat, I tend to be online quite a bit. I'll be posting information about what cutfiles I'm working on as they happen. If you have specific requests for cutfiles, you can drop me a note. Higher tiers will have special early access to cutfiles, and will have the privilege of jumping into my queue and having me get to their cutfiles sooner rather than later.
Includes Discord benefits

Cutfile Connoisseur

per month
You really know what you want! You're just the type of person to step in and set some priorities straight. Rather than waiting to see what cutfiles will be produced, you can make some special requests! In addition to lower tiers, you'll get:

  • The ability to request cutfiles for specific sets.
  • Early access via Discord.

All patrons are encouraged to speak up and ask for cutfiles if there's something special they want made. This tier, however, gets the benefit of jumping the queue! I have plenty of cutfiles to be working on, but I don't always hit the sweet spot that will benefit your immediate needs. Let me know what you're looking for, and I can change gears and get it done.

Be aware that some sets will not be cutfile friendly, and so if there's just no way to format the product for cutting, requests for those will have to be rejected.

You're welcome to join the Cutfile Connoisseur channel on my Discord server, at this level. Though I'm not online 24/7, I'm online an awful lot, so I'm happy to chat about cutfiles, paper crafting, etc. I often will have cutfiles done, but won't have a chance to test cut them or write up a readme right away. I try to post these cutfiles as soon as possible, so you'll have earlier access to them.

Includes Discord benefits

Cutfile Collaborator I

Limited (5 remaining)
per month
You make stuff. Stuff that could potentially get cut by a machine. But lets face it, you'd rather be off creating new things than laboriously tracing stuff in software you're unfamiliar with when you yourself don't even have one of those machines!

Let's work together!

If you sign up, we'll work on getting your cutfiles ready BEFORE you ship. Give me a couple days of notice after you've finalized your PDFs and I'll get started. I'll take pictures of the minis, spread the word about the cutfiles, and patrons here can jump right on em. You'll also be getting someone's eyeballs on your layers, so if there are oopsies, I might catch them before your customers do.

Includes Discord benefits


Let's get cutting!

Paper Realms is not just a creator of  print-and-play tabletop gaming terrain, but a supporter in creators who bring papercraft projects to the table. This includes terrain, props and minis, all of which bring flavor to your gaming experience.

  1. What's this all about?
  2. What cutfiles have you done already? What would I be getting?
  3. I'm new to this! Can you tell me more about cutting machines?
  4. Can you make cutfiles for anything?
  5. Are you associated with Silhouette America or something?

What's this all about?

What we're hoping to do here is provide users of Silhouette brand cutting machines (such as the Portrait or Cameo) with cutfiles compatible with some of this great material. Specialized cutting machines aren't necessary for crafting with paper, and many find the process of cutting by hand enjoyable, but some folks just want to get stuff built. Using a machine cutter can really kick your crafting into overdrive.

What cutfiles have you done already? What would I be getting?

There's an index that I'll try to keep updated with a list of what cutfiles are available.
Check it out:  Cutfile Index

There's an archive of older cutfiles that I'm making available, and I've opted to make them publicly available.

I try to make at least 4 sets of cutfiles each month, though it's not unusual for me to get a lot more done. $2+ patrons get access to these cutfiles as they become available. 

$5+ patrons get the opportunity to request that specific cutfiles get made. They also have access to me via Discord, where I can share cutfiles as they're being worked on (like if you've got a game coming up, and you want something done fast!) and I can help share tips and tricks to crafting or using cutting machines.

Higher level tiers are intended for content creators who'd like more priority creating cutfiles on a regular basis. The $7+ tier gets your hooks in me to get cutfiles done for your own stuff on your schedule, so they can be available at release time. The cutfiles will only be available to patrons here, but it'll guarantee the timing of their availability. The $10+ tier gets you those cutfiles, but they go straight to you, not this Patreon, and you can include them in your sets for your customers. Both tiers give you my set of eyes on your PDFs, so you can get feedback before shipping about potential problems with layers or registration marks.

I'm new to this! Can you tell me more about cutting machines?

Sure! I wrote  this topic to cover some basics about a cutting machine, so if you don't own one but want to know more, give it a read!

Can you make cutfiles for anything?

We can help cut an awful lot, but there may be things we just can't provide cutfiles for. Many designers do not include registration marks necessary for the cutting machine to align itself, and often times the graphics overlap with regions of the page that may confuse the cutting machine when doing that alignment. These are things that can be worked around, and we'll try to provide detailed instructions on how to cope with such things.

Some products may be laid out in a way that extends outside the available cutting area, but with some reformatting, everything could fit just fine. We can provide cutfiles, and basic instructions for how to accommodate that reformatting of the graphics.

What we can't do, however, is cope with pieces that are too large to fit within the available cutting area. We will try our best to work around layout problems, but sometimes cutfiles just won't be possible.

Are you associated with Silhouette America or something?

No, not at all. We aren't associated with Silhouette America in any way, other than being fans of the devices and long-time users. We can provide some useful tips for using cutfiles, but we can't guarantee results or provide support for your machines.

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