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Our GHOST Membership allows our members to download our monthly theme's artwork in the form of digital wall paper for your desktop or mobile phone. It also includes a pdf file of that month's theme so you can play along in our ParaBox monthly challenge.

It also includes 3 clues to help you in solving our monthly mystery.

+ Get early Access to our upcoming theme as well as a solution to show you how to solve the mystery at the end of the month.

+ Get access to our exclusive videos exploring more of the paranormal from ghosts, ufos, urban legends and other mysteries.

About ParaBox a Paranormal Mystery

What is ParaBox Monthly?
ParaBox Monthly is a subscription box that delivers paranormal themed t-shirts every month to our box subscribers. Our shirt designs are also embedded with a hidden password to that month's webpage. Once discovered and unlocked, you're onto more puzzles and challenges. If you can solve the mystery, you're in the running for free ParaBox Merch. Find out more about ParaBox by visiting our homepage at

What does ParaBox offer on Patreon?
Our Patreon content is designed for those that are interested in learning more about our topics. Our themes cover ghosts and haunted locations, ufos and aliens, cryptids, urban legends and other strange and unexplained mysteries. You can follow our page for free or you can pledge to unlock one of our tiers to play along with our monthly mysteries. We look forward to growing this Patreon community with you!
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Help us reach our goals so we can create some additional "on-location" content of some of the most haunted places across the United States.
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